Love Gemstones? 3 Simple Steps to the Perfect Gemstone Gift

Bella and Gigi Hadid’s supermodel mother Yolanda is famous for her love of giving gemstones as presents. She told New York Post Page Six “You know, obviously because of my life experience in the past six years, the material things really have no meaning to me anymore.” She said. “I love to give crystals, Last year for the girls, all the people that are important in their life, we chose a personal crystal for everybody.”
We believe the best present to give to someone who has got everything is gemstone jewellery. It is meaningful, thoughtful and personal! Follow this simple 3-step guide to the perfect gemstone gift. 


natural gemstone birthstone


Think birthday; think birthstones – birthstones are gems associated with month that a person was born. It has its history and it is believed to be connected to the person born in a specific month. According to GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) “They appeal to audiences around the world regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion. Birthstones carry secrets, attributes and lore that are unique to each gemstone.”

We’d say, birthday is your first step to find the perfect gemstone gift! 

Birthstone is too basic and want to go for the advance level? Go for its healing property! Amethyst is known for its calming effect; Citrine is said to be the gemstone makes you rich. Find out more here:  semi-precious gemstones and their healing properties.


stacking gemstone bracelets Tsai x Tsai  wearing statement jewellery Tsai x Tsai  Minimalistic gemstone jewellery pieces Tsai x Tsai


Once you know which gemstones you should be looking for, the next step is to start tailoring the present to the person’s taste. To make it easier, there are generally two ways to go: giant statement pieces or minimalistic chic pieces. If the person you are gifting normally wears big Versace pieces, he or she might less likely to go for small dainty items, and Vice versa.


Maybe the person already has an arm full of bracelets, why don’t you add something stackable to add to their daily sparkle? Take a little time to look into his/her everyday wardrobe and that will give you a clear idea of should you be looking for.





It is super important to take the person’s lifestyle into consideration, and that is why a gemstone jewellery is the most meaningful, thoughtful and personal present. Have a think about his/her lifestyle, and ask yourself few questions about their work, social circle and family.

By asking what they do for a living, you can find jewellery inspired by their profession; by asking where do they go out socially, you can find your party-loving friend a piece that will transfer from boardroom to ballroom; by knowing he/she is parent of young children, you know choosing a dangly piece for the child to grab is probably not the best idea.


Many of us love gemstones; some for their healing properties, others for their natural beauty. We believe it is also the most meaningful, thoughtful and personal present, especially for those who have everything. Each piece of jewellery means something to someone. Give that special person gemstone jewellery following this 3-step simple guide to mark any special occasion.





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