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5 Reasons Why our Long Chain Earrings are the Best Gifts this Christmas

Christmas is coming and we are all thinking about presents - what is as unique, different and special as our chain earrings! Look no further, let us tell you why our long chain earrings are the best gifts this Christmas.

1. Perfect for the Party Season

Party season is all about the glitter, the sequins and the glamour. These earrings are all of the above.
It's effortless accessorising at it's finest
party perfect earrings   

2. Dress Up and Down in One Second

We are all about everyday luxury. They should not head back to the safe right after the festive season. Long thread earrings are so versatile that you can wear them with party dresses to add that extra sparkle; you can also show off your low key everyday glam when wearing jeans and t-shirt. 

3. You can be So Creative

Layer up or just by themselves; wear double or single to pair with other earrings. There are many many ways that you can style your ears - we will need whole another article to discuss about this! 
creative ways to wear Tsai x Tsai treader earrings  creative ways to wear Tsai x Tsai treader earringscreative ways to wear Tsai x Tsai treader earrings 


4. Thoughtful Messages with Gemstones

We love giving presents - so many lovely messages can be told with one single present. Natural gemstones with its properties shows the most wonderful messages in style.
Why not have a quick read about what the gemstones we use really mean?  
gemstones with meanings

5. Trendy Yet Classic

Long thread earrings were once popular in the 90s, and now is coming back to the fashion scene. They are now the new basics you can't live without.
Perfect for everyday luxury.
creative ways to wear Tsai x Tsai treader earrings
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