How to? A guide to 5 gemstones we use & what do they mean

At Tsai by Tsai, we believe that there is always a story behind the jewellery purchase. It might be a special occasion, celebration or a treat. To us, using natural gemstones really elevate the meaning behind the pieces. There are many types of natural gemstones in the world and here we use five main stones - not only because they are stunning but also they can be your everyday luxury and be worn daily. 

The five stones we use the most are blue topaz (pale blue), citrine (sunshine yellow), garnet (deep red), amethyst (clear purple) and peridot (light green). All five of them are ranking close to diamond in terms of its hardness and toughness - because of their durability as well as the amazing colour they have, those five gemstones are use the most here at Tsai by Tsai

What are their properties? You ask. Let's have a look of all them separately to give you a good idea of what the meaning behind each of the gemstones.


Blue Topaz 

Blue topaz is a symbol of love and affection - a gemstone that gives it all. It has the power to sharpen intelligence and calm the temper. 
Joy, love and good fortune. The gemstone of abundance and generosity. Who said you can't have it all?
Birthstone for December babies!


Peridot is a gemstone of both financial and spiritual abundance, bringing wealth, prosperity, opportunity and insight. 
Big day coming us? Need determination to make changes in life? Peridot gives on courage and confidence. It also motivates growth and changes.
Birthstone for August babies!


Citrine makes you rich. They say. Success and wealth all come together with citrine. It is the colour of the sun, which it naturally brings success, enthusiasm, happiness and power.
Birthstone for November babies!


Garnet is a crystal is health, passion and energy. They say garnet is there to deepen one's romantic love. It cultivates trust, sincerity and passion for life. It opens one's hearth to new possibilities.
It ensures that energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body, to help you feel more grounded, secure and safe.
Birthstone for January babies! 


Amethyst is said to be the most spiritual gemstone. Stress? Insomnia and nightmares? Amethyst is the rescue - this natural stress reliever brings calming energy that puts a smile on one's face all day long. It wards off evils, attracts positive energy and absorbs the negative. 
Birthstone for February babies! 


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