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Celebrating an anniversary can be the most wonderful thing, but it might be tricky to find a perfect gift for your partner. Here is a complete list of traditional wedding anniversary gemstones help you to find a great gifts!


1st Anniversary: Gold Jewellery or Peridot
2nd Anniversary: Garnet
3rd Anniversary: Pearls or Jade
4th  Anniversary: Blue Topaz
5th  Anniversary: Sapphire or Pink Tourmaline
6th  Anniversary: Amethyst 
7 th Anniversary: Onyx, Yellow Sapphire, or Golden Beryl
8 th Anniversary: Tourmaline or Tanzanite
9 th Anniversary: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli or Green Spinel
10 th Anniversary: Diamond or Blue Sapphire
11 th Anniversary: Citrine or Turquoise
12 th Anniversary: Jade or Opal
13 th Anniversary: Citrine, moonstone, or hawk's eye
14 th Anniversary: Opal, Agate, or Bloodstone
15 th Anniversary: Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet, or Alexandrite
16 th Anniversary: Peridot or Red Spinel
17 th Anniversary: Carnelian
18 th Anniversary: Cat's Eye (chrysoberyl) or Aquamarine
19 th Anniversary: Aquamarine or Almandine Garnet
20 th Anniversary: Emerald or Yellow Diamond
21st Anniversary:  Lolite
22nd Anniversary:  Spinel
23rd Anniversary:  Imperial Topaz
24 th Anniversary:  Tanzanite
25 th Anniversary:  Silver Jubilee, Tsavorite, or Green Garnet
30 th Anniversary:  Pearl Jubilee
35 th Anniversary:  Emerald
40 th Anniversary: Ruby
45 th Anniversary: Sapphire or Cat's Eye
50 th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee or Imperial/ Golden Topaz
55 th Anniversary: Alexandrite
60 th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee or Star Ruby
65 th Anniversary: Blue Spinel
70 th Anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee or Smoky Quartz
75 th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee
80 th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee


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