4 Reasons Why Amethyst is So Popular



Amethyst is birthstone to February babies. However you don’t need to be born in February to appreciate this gorgeous gem. From Robin Thicke dropped $20,000 on an amethyst stone to Elizabeth Taylor show her love with her Kunzite, amethyst and diamond “Triphanes” sautoir and ear pendants by Van Cleef & Arpels that sold for almost one million dollars back in 2011 New York auction at Christies. Shall we discover why amethyst is so popular!  


Amethyst's colour

  1. Vivid colour

This beautiful semi-precious gemstone’s colours range from light to dark purple. It is also surprisingly come in green. Being in the Quartz family, means it owes its colour to iron impurities. Their beautiful deep purple hue attracts many admirers.


purple candles zen

  1. It is a remedy against drunkenness

The name “Amethyst” is said to come from Greek Amethystos, which means “ a remedy against drunkenness.’ It is also said to be a natural stress reliever that brings calming energy that puts a smile on one’s face all day long.


  1. Royal association

Historically, purple is only worn by the elite few as it was extremely rare. Apart from the obvious diamond, another popular stone in court jewellery is our purple gemstone - amethyst.  Catherine the Great (Empress Catherine II of Russia, 1729 – 1796) herself is a big fan of gemstones and amethyst is said to be one of her favourite gems. Don’t forget two of the most famous amethyst jewellery are is Queen Silvia of Sweden’s tiara and Wallis, Duchess of Windsor’s lavish Cartier- designed amethyst bib necklace to a gala in Versailles in 1953.

Duchess of Windsor amethyst necklace



  1. Easy to look after

Being 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, means amethyst is appropriate to be worn as daily jewellery. Hardness in jewellery term means resistance to scratches and abrasions. With diamond being 10 and topaz at 8, amethyst is relatively hard against another gemstone and doesn’t need to be too careful when wearing.

According to Gia, to clean an amethyst, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner, or a soft brush with mild soap is the safest option while steam cleaning is not recommended.  

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness





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