Focus on Citrine - November Birthstone and Perfect Colour for Autumn!

As the temperatures begin to fall and the trees turn to beautiful shades of red, orange and brown, the team at Tsai x Tsai have been bringing out their favourite Citrine pieces to reflect the nature around them and warm their spirits.  Autumn is truly upon us and Citrine is the perfect gemstone to wear at this time of year.  In today's blog, we explore why!

 Citrine Bracelets & Earrings



Citrine has been revered since Roman times, used for stunning intaglio work to adorn the hands and necks of high society.  Its rarity and colour, believed to carry with it the warming powers of the sun, made it a highly sought-after gemstone.


Roman Citrine Intaglio Ring


Thought to help ward off a host of diseases and to bring prosperity and wealth to the household, Citrine was one of the most popular gemstones of ancient times and jewellery made using it highly regarded.  Even now, pieces surviving from these times are in great demand!


Nowadays, Citrine is a popular gemstone for jewellery not just because its colour reflects the changing season at this time of year, but also due to being the birthstone for November, making it the perfect gift idea for loved ones born around now!  Giving Citrine as a gift is a great way to show someone you care, as the traditional legends around the benefits it brings will show them you care every time they wear it.


When we take a look at styling, Citrine works equally when paired with complementary, natural colours or when contrasted against a crisp silver or white background.  In 2013 actress Naomie Harris walked the Oscars red carpet in a golden-brown dress paired with a Citrine bracelet set in gold.  The colours together create a natural, warming glow that will light up any occasion.


Citrine     Citrine


If you prefer a little more drama to your style, Lucy Liu proved at the Golden Globes in 2019 that Sterling silver makes an awesome setting to show off the deep yellow glow of Citrine gemstones.  Our Sterling silver & Citrine earring collection has you covered if her look inspires you, with drop earrings or stud earrings to suit your taste!


Sterling Silver & Citrine Earrings


Whichever setting you prefer, Citrine gemstone jewellery will bring warmth and colour to your outfit every day.  Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, citrine is the perfect autumn gemstone.  Why not pair it with a classic trenchcoat to keep the wind off as you take a stroll through the leaves?


Citrine Earrings

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