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Spotlight on Peridot - August's Birthstone!

As we come to the end of July and begin to enjoy the full heat of summer, here at Tsai x Tsai we have been focusing on the beautiful green tones of our peridot jewellery to catch the light of the sun.  Favoured by royalty of the ancient world and of the modern, peridot is the birthstone for the coming month of August and makes the perfect gift for those lucky enough to have their birthday party in summer!




Although most of today's peridot is found in Asia, the ancient source of the stone was Egypt.  Some historians suspect Cleopatra's legendary collection of Emeralds were in fact peridot stones.  Combined with rose gold, it can truly make you feel as celebrated as the Egyptian queen.


Shrine of the Three Kings, Cologne


Cleopatra's were not the only peridot initially mistaken for emeralds.  The gemstones which adorn the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings, purported to hold the remains of the 3 Magi who made the pilgrimage to welcome the infant Jesus Christ to the world, have been confirmed to be peridot.  This astonishing sarcophagus, constructed of gold set with over 1000 gemstones and located in Cologne cathedral, has housed the relics since 1225 and draws thousands of people each year to marvel at its beauty. 


Duchess of Cambridge


When speaking of the Royal connections of peridot one cannot forget Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.  Frequently seen in peridot drop earrings, Kate shows us that the style of the ancients can easily be updated and just as relevant today.


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