The Versatility of Gemstone Jewellery - Di Diao Styling Tips

There are many benefits to wearing gemstone jewellery as part of your individual style.  The more accessible pricing (when compared to precious stones like diamonds and rubies), the variety of colours to choose from and the ability of natural gemstones to sparkle in the light are all reasons to have pieces in your jewellery box for everyday use.  Just as with clothes, however, items of jewellery can have events or occasions they are more suitable for, and some for which they may be a bit too showy.  For moments like these, we need something just a little more discreet.

This is exactly what we were thinking at Tsai by Tsai when we created our Di Diao collection.  In Taiwan, the phrase “Di Diao” means “low-key” – just what we wanted this collection to be.  These are pieces of jewellery which can be worn any time, adding a little touch of colour to everyday outfits.  It could be for the office, for a day out with friends or just to cheer yourself up while running errands – we don’t need an excuse to wear lovely jewellery!

Our Di Diao Hoops and Squares were created to be the most discreet pieces we offer, using the most popular gemstones in our range.  Delicate frames are crafted in Sterling silver, plated with our trademark vermeil-thickness of 18ct rose gold and then a single gemstone suspended in the centre on an exquisite chain.  They can be worn with tailored jackets and business wear, or with more relaxed clothes.  They can be worn alone, for the ultimate in elegant discretion, or they can be used to accent one of our larger necklaces.  Check out some of our favourite styling tips below!

Di Diao Peridot Square Earrings worn 2 ways

Here we see how Di Diao Peridot Squares work with casual or formal looks.  On the left we see how a simple white lace top softens the shape of the earring and blends with the natural colours of the metal and gemstone, creating a simple but beautiful combination.  On the right, the elegant lines and sharp angles of the square earring work perfectly with the jacket lapels.  The dark black colour of the fabric also makes the green of the peridot stone really pop, giving your gemstone a chance to shine but without being too overpowering.

Di Diao Blue Topaz Square Earrings worn with a blazer

A gold blazer over a simple white t-shirt is a stylish option for running errands around town or meeting friends for lunch.  The toned-down, natural colours pair beautifully with the Di Diao Blue Topaz Square earrings, while the line of the peak lapels once again complements the shape of the frame.

Di Diao Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings with a garnet Zhongshan Necklace

Some days we just want to wrap ourselves in soft, warm cashmere, keeping the wind off us as we go about our day.  Di Diao Blue Topaz Hoops pair well with the silvery-grey colour of this jumper, while the softer shape of the perfectly circular earrings goes brilliantly with the softer shoulders of the jumper.  Here we see the cool Blue Topaz contrasting against a luxurious Zhongshan Garnet Necklace, the two gemstones working together to accentuate each other’s colours.

These are just a few of the ways we can style our Di Diao Hoop and Square Earrings.  Show us your own ideas by tagging @tsai.x.tsai in your Instagram shots and we’ll send discount codes to each one we feature in our stories as a thank you!

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