Tsai x Tsai Story

We would like to tell you a story about us...

Tsai x Tsai was started after a long family conversation during a trip back home to Taiwan. We wanted to do something that reflected our beloved homeland and shared some of the beauty of our island with the world.

From a young age, our family travelled across Taiwan every weekend to seek out the most beautiful sunrises and indulge ourselves with the most stunning scenery. Even now, Papa Tsai is still a keen photographer, showing off this magnificence through his work.

Neither these sunrises, nor the mighty rivers and majestic trees, put up signs proclaiming how beautiful they are, they just are. This is the same with our designs, made with hand-picked gemstones; no need to make noise to get noticed, they make a statement with their mere presence.

Have a closer look at our logo: the top symbolises the decorative roof of a traditional Taiwanese building and is read as T x T. This represents our goal: to bring little glimpses of the beauty of our homeland to your everyday life.

Logo & packaging designed by James Ward Design (www.jamesward.design)


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