About Gemstones

Here at Tsai by Tsai, we adore nature and are proud to take our inspiration from it. We appreciate everything that Mother Earth gives us. This is why we work only with natural gemstones. 
All gemstones have their own properties.  Below are the 7 gems used here at Tsai by Tsai and what you can expect from them.



Natural Red Garnet has long symbolised love and passion, due to its magnificent deep red tone.  Prized by cultures from Ancient Greece to Bohemia, and said to ward off depression and even keep children from drowning, today it is a versatile gemstone that will bring a dramatic twist to any outfit.


Amethyst gets its name from the Ancient Greek "Amethystos", which literally translates as "Not Intoxicated" and was taken from the belief the stone would protect the wearer from drunkenness!  Along with its radiant and playful colour, this makes amethyst the perfect stone to wear to parties.  The perfect gift for those who love to socialise, amethyst is also the birthstone for February.

White Topaz

Natural White Topaz symbolises hope, love and happiness. Its purity and transparency make it the ideal choice to add a subtle spark to any outfit.

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Adored by the Ancient Egyptians and favoured by their famous queen Cleopatra, Natural Peridot is to this day the national gemstone of Egypt.  Celebrated for the way it glows a deep green under artificial light, natural peridot is the ideal gemstone to impress at grand events.


Citrine makes you rich, or at least so the legends say.  Citrine is the colour of the sun and brings with it the same warming and enriching qualities.  It is the birthstone for November babies.

Blue Topaz

Natural Blue Topaz has been prized for its rarity and credited with many useful properties for over 2000 years, including warding off lunacy and curing disease!  Most famously found in the Crown Jewels of Portugal, Blue Topaz is a stone of peace and reconciliation and has a crisp and icy beauty that will ensure its appeal for years to come.

Black Spinel

Black Spinel has been sought after since the time of the Ancient Greeks, with its name derived from "Spinos", meaning spark.  It is found in nature alongside rubies and sapphires, as it is of the same family of gems, and has long been considered valuable because of its beauty and rarity.  Traditionally thought to repel negativity and help the wearer find the strength to overcome challenges, Black Spinel is used today by some of the world's most celebrated high jewellery houses.


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