This | is | Taiwan

It is utterly romantic. It is a nation known for technology, but is also a place for nature.

We would like to show you more of Taiwan with photographs taken by Papa Tsai.


The Mountains

The Mountain - photo by Papa Tsai

Taiwan is a small island, less than half the size of Scotland. Almost 50% is covered in mountains, the highest of which stands a mighty 13,000 feet.  Mountains are where everything in Taiwan begins. The landscape is spectacular and the inter-tropical location creates dramatic weather that leads to the most stunning seasons. 

Here we see all this drama and majesty captured through Papa Tsai’s eye...

The Sea

The Sea - photo by Papa Tsai

It takes less than 30 minutes to drive from the top of the mountains to the edges of the sea. This is Taiwan, a jewel in the middle of the ocean. Papa Tsai began his journey in a coastal town in the southwest of the island named Mailao, where people still live off the sea using techniques passed down over hundreds of years, before moving to the capital to build his life.

These days the cool blue waters inspire the use of Blue Topaz in our jewellery.

The Lifestyle

 The Life - photo by Papa Tsai

 Taiwan’s history is filled with colour. The Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese have all left their mark. It is a unique and complex mix of the old and the new; the modern and the traditional. 

Papa Tsai chose Sanchong, the most eclectic and vibrant quarter of Taipei, to raise his family.  This cultural melting pot was home to Patricia Tsai throughout her upbringing and it is the variety and excitement she saw every day there which inspired our flagship Sanchong bracelets.





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