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Taipei 101 Taiwan


We draw our inspiration from our surroundings. Our Taipei Collection was inspired by our favourite areas in the city.



Sanchong is where our founder was born and grew up. On the outskirts of the capital, it is an area people from across the country come to in search of a better life. The eclectic mix of people and cultures is what makes the place so special. It is a vibrant place, full of colour and light, of noise and life.  This is what inspires our flagship Sanchong rainbow bracelets with their mix of gemstones.

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Zhongshan in Chinese is 中山. It is the area in Taipei that is still most influenced by Japanese culture, which colonised Taiwan for 50 years. Zhongshan since then has developed into the most prosperous area in Taipei. It can said to be the heart and soul of the capital. What one can find here is passion, love and history. 

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Garnet is the gemstone which lights up our Zhongshan collection. Have a look at all our garnet jewellery here.



Anyone from Taipei can tell you where the best tea is from – Pinglin. The geography and the climate help to grow leaves with a unique, unforgettable fragrance. It is the sea of green tea plants which inspired the use of gorgeous green Peridot.

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Peridot is the gemstone that we use for the Pinglin collection.  Have a look at all our peridot designs.



Tamsui is the name of the most famous river in Taipei, and it is also the name of the estuary area. The crisp blue of the river and the clear, almost translucent colour of blue topaz are the perfect reflections of each other.

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Blue Topaz is the gemstone that we use for Tamsui collection.  Have a look at all our blue topaz designs



You will never find a better sunset than Wanli in Taipei. Wanli is surrounded by mountains while having an 11 km coastline along the north east side of the Pacific Ocean – it takes practically no time to go from the summit to the beach. The spectacular combination of mountains and sea creates the magic scenery and fashions the most gorgeous sunset with such warmth and colour that only the stunning amethyst can compare.

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Amethyst is the gemstone that we use for our Wanli collection. Have a look at all our amethyst designs.



The glorious yellow of citrine is as warming as the sunshine. Beitou is famous for its sunrise and hot springs. It was once the habitat of the indigenous group Ketagalen of Taiwan; Beitou is the Ketagalen word for the spiritual leader, who would have had their residence here. Now it is where one enjoys the healing properties of our most luxurious hot spring. It is spiritual, warming and brings beams of sunshine shine upon one’s face – just like the citrine stone. 

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Citrine is the  gemstone that stars in our Beitou collection.  Have a look at all our citrine designs.

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