Jewellery Cleaning Guide from Tsai by Tsai

Follow This Three Simple Steps to Make your Jewellery Sparkle Again


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Taking jewellery off one party after another, one evening you may realise that your favourite piece has lost its shine and started to look almost lacklustre! It’s all too easy to cover oneself in champagne, food, wine and cheese crumbs after a dinner, so it’s no surprise that your jewellery suffers too.
We all have pieces that are worn daily so it’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking they have escaped the madness of the party season and could do with some TLC.
The most important thing to remember is to clean jewellery regularly and store it properly. This will ensure that whenever you take a piece out it will shine at its best!




Soak the jewellery in lukewarm water with a little mild soap, avoiding harsh cleaners. Don’t rush, leave them in for 20 – 40 minutes. Acidity from harsh soap and heat from water which is too warm are likely to cause changes to the colour of the stone, so take care.


drop in the water




Gently rinse the soapy water off. Then use a soft brush to carefully clean under running water.


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It is important to know that natural gemstones should never be exposed to heat or extreme temperature changes. Therefore, when drying them you should either use a soft cloth or air dry. Direct sunlight should be avoided.


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There you have it! Your jewellery will sparkle like new again.


Important Note!

While most natural stones will react well to the above process, there are some exceptions. A quick double-check of the jewellery cleaning chart is highly recommended if you are not sure.

For example, soft porous gemstones such as pearls, coral, turquoise, amber should not be soaked.  Amber and chrysocolla should also not be brushed as this may leave scratches.  

Of course, there are other ways of cleaning, such as steam or ultrasonic, but our method is the safest way if you decide to have a quick clean before a night out.


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