San Shi Garnet Bracelet, 18 ct Rose Gold Vermeil
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San Shi Garnet Bracelet, 18 ct Rose Gold Vermeil

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This dainty piece delivers the ultimate minimalistic chic with 18 ct rose gold vermeil and hand-picked natural gemstones. Stack with bracelets in same silhouette or contrast the daintiness with a chunky watch. Or try it with the matching necklaces and earrings.

The length of the bracelet can be adjusted by sliding the bead, introducing an elegant new way of putting your favourite piece on with no difficulties. Our signature finish with gemstones embedded in the end of the bracelet delivers extra luxury details when wearing.


About Natural Garnet  

Garnet is a crystal of health, passion and energy.

It ensures that energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body, to help you feel more grounded, secure and safe.

Birthstone for January babies!