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What is Vermeil?

What is Vermeil?

At Tsai by Tsai we present our tailoring accessories in two ways: Sterling silver or rose gold vermeil.  The difference in the colours of the two precious metals, and the ways in which they interact with our gemstones, mean our pieces can be styled in many interesting ways.  Whether you prefer the coolness of silver or the warmth of rose gold, whatever colour scheme you have chosen for your outfit on a particular day, Tsai by Tsai accessories will add the finishing touch.

Rose Gold Vermeil Cufflinks

Cufflinks in Rose Gold Vermeil

“Vermeil” is a French term from the 19th century used to describe the centuries-old practice of gilding silver.  Pieces made using this technique are significantly lighter than pure gold, more durable (as Sterling silver is less soft than gold, and therefore less prone to bending and scratching), and a much more accessible price.  Using vermeil for our pieces means that we are able to offer you the beauty and lustre of gold without the high cost.

There are some important differences between vermeil and the more common “gold-plated” items often found on the market.  The first is the base metal – vermeil is always gold plated onto Sterling silver, not cheaper metals like copper or brass.  The second is the thickness of the layer of gold applied – 5 times more gold is applied to vermeil pieces than to gold-plated.  These differences mean you can be assured that your accessories will not tarnish or oxidise, the layer of gold will not rub away over time, and your beautiful new cufflinks and earrings are of the highest quality.

Rose Gold Vermeil Earrings with Black Spinel

Earrings in Rose Gold Vermeil

Over the years many famous and beautiful items have been crafted in vermeil.  Every Olympic gold medal since 1912 has been made in this way, and the trophies handed out to both gentlemen and lady winners of Wimbledon each year are also vermeil pieces.  At Tsai by Tsai we are proud to use this ancient technique to create beautiful accessories which have all the shine of pure gold, but without the weighty price tag.

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