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The Tsai by Tsai Story

Our Story

Tsai by Tsai are a brand based in London.  Our founder, Patricia Tsai, moved to London over a decade ago to develop her sports marketing agency.  She fell in love with the sharp tailoring adorning the people she met in St James's, Mayfair and Soho, and drew inspiration from those surroundings to develop her own sense of style.

Our founder, Patricia Tsai

The growth in Patricia's passion for sartorialism coincided with a decline in her affection for the cut-throat world of elite football.  While on a trip back to her native Taiwan, the inspiration to begin her brand struck her.  The Tsai family have been sourcing, cutting and setting gemstones for some of the world's biggest brands for over 30 years.  After a conversation with her father and his brothers, the decision was made: Patricia would put her creativity to work designing a range of accessories for those with similar tastes to hers, to be made in the family factory.

Sterling silver cufflinks with Black Spinel


The name Tsai by Tsai is a reference to that family history of making for other brands.  In the past, the Tsai family had always worked as suppliers, not retailers.  The project conceived that evening marks the first time they have made something for the family to bring to market, as opposed to on behalf of a bigger name.  No longer Tsai by anyone else, this is Tsai by Tsai.

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