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Style Suggestions

Styling Suggestions

If you're wondering how to best style your new Tsai by Tsai accessories, allow us to make some suggestions.  Show us your own way by tagging @tsai_by_tsai on Instagram.

Sterling silver cufflinks

Sterling silver cufflinks

Sterling silver cufflinks with a contrasting hint of Black Spinel are an ideal finishing touch to any Black Tie outfit.  The elegance of Black Tie dressing is in the simplicity - exactly what we seek to achieve with our accessories.

Rose Gold Vermeil Earrings

Rose Gold Vermeil Earrings

Vibrant burgundy tailoring can be tempered when paired with a simple black shirt and black boots; the flamboyance of the suit will be earthed by the other garments.  Recreate the effect with our Rose Gold Vermeil and Black Spinel Earrings to complete a look perfect for daytime or evening wear.

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